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Bear Hunting

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

The cabin and land from which we hunt is the only non-native, non-governmental land on the entire river. The fishing is great for grayling and rainbows during the Spring hunt as well as silver salmon during the Fall hunt. There is both a Spring and Fall hunt for bear each year unlike some parts of Alaska. All bear hunts are 1 on 1 guided hunts. Hunts are 10 to 12 days.

Hunting Season Dates: May and September - (10) day hunts

  • Cost of Hunt: $19,000.00
  • Tag: $1000.00*
  • License: $160.00*
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Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting

These boys are the prettiest of all bears. They come in silver tip, dark brown blonde, and blonde with dark brown boots. Besides, they make great rugs - (remember every bear wants to be a rug). Hunting these boys consists of a lot of glassing from high areas so some climbing is in order; it pays to be in good shape for this hunt. Most importantly, know your weapon - I cannot stress this enough because when you shoot at these bad boys they will most likely charge you and you need to stand your ground and keep firing. It's a real rush!!!

No Closed Season

  • Cost of Hunt: $16,500.00
  • Tag: $1000.00*
  • License: $160.00*
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Alaska Black Bear Hunting

I have Spring and Fall hunts available. Black bear is similar to brown bear that it consists of a lot of glassing, sitting, and patience. Many times, with black bear, we can spot them from camp and then go out and get them, it is not unusual to take one measuring over 7 feet. Remember, every bear wants to be a rug and the black bears make a beauty. There is also a chance of taking a blue bear since there will be some in our area.

Hunting Season Dates No Closed Season

  • Cost of Hunt: $7,000.00
  • Tag: $450.00*
  • License: $160.00*

* Fees for international visitors slightly higher.
Upon receipt of a 50% deposit your exact dates will be locked in.

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